Hi, I am Aliko Sunawang, the man who initiated totheweb.

Let me tell you a bit about my background. In a very simple word, you can call me a blogger. I have been blogging since I was still in college (I graduated in 2013). At that time, I blogged merely to share my personal experiences. From daily life, travel experiences. Anything that is possible to write down.

After graduation, I started to think if it is possible to live from blogging so I started creating some blogs. Turned out, I could. Knowing that I could live from blogging, I even never submitted any job application from the time I graduated. At all. I want to live from blogging. That’s my decision.

Being a blogger means you work independently. No boss. No teammates. This is great because being independent is my goal of life. Unfortunately, it’s not always good to live a life like that. Having no one to talk to or to share with (in terms of work) is a kind of loneliness and I don’t want to live that kind of life forever. That’s why I founded totheweb.

Currently, I have three projects (which you can see on the homepage of this site) and totheweb. is a new step. I want to use it as an umbrella to manage those projects (and probably other projects in the future). It would be easier to build a team and take a step further if you have a company.

Creating web content that matters